Our MEnu

All our foods are low sugar. This means that all our buns, flaps, and baked items have less than 3 % sugar.Make your burger on a Zero carb lettuce. It’s gluten, grain and dairy free. All our burgers are zero carbs when served on a zero carb Lettuce. All our products are gluten-friendly. We have a well-balanced menu for love for vegetarians. Any of our food items can be made vegetarian by swapping out or subtracting specific ingredients.  


Sustainable eating

All our foods are sourced, produced, processed, bought, sold and eaten in the ways that provide social benefits, contribute to thriving local economies that create good jobs and secure livelihoods and enhance the health and variety of both plants and animals, protect natural resources such as water and soil, and help to tackle climate change, and most importantly it should eliminate the food wastage.