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Features Overview

INFUSE’D is a concept of cooking; we are the inventor of this process. In this process, we infuse the flavours and spices into the product and slow cook it without adding moisture, water or oil to it. 

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INFUSE’D is the right way of cooking, and it uses the moisture and fat content of the products itself to cook on its own by a slow cooking process. It is a tedious process of 24 hours before the marinated products reach the plate, but that is the extent we go to serve the tastiest, freshest and healthiest food.

Our Chickens are marinated in our home ground spices and infused with spices. There are six sweat spots, we dare you to poke it to witness the fondue of flavours oozing out of the chicken. The Chicken what we serve is the most moisturized one with flavour retainment of more than 95 per cent.



Our chillies and spices are the produce purchased from local market, and we are particular in choosing the right chillies. We don’t use premade spice powders, all our spices are freshly sourced and blended in-house to get the zing.

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In our modern day living, we forget to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The griddle process is a slow cooking process which evades boiling, frying, and fast cooking and all the modern day cooking process. We flat griddle almost all our products through an earthen casted metal. This process allows us to cook the food without killing its natural contents.