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our story 

We’re all about food is done right. We believe consuming the right food is every human being right and we have always been on a journey since 2013 to make the right foods available and accessible to everyone.

Being Good, No cages. No nasties. No added hormones. No Exceptions. No freezing. Produce farmed locally; Farms to Kitchen; paddock to plates; soil to tables are theory we believe, and we will keep believing.

Doing Good, No greatness is great as giving back to the society. Starting from planting trees, cleaning social places, painting public walls, aiding food to charity, supporting child educations, building libraries in rural areas we have done it all and we will keep doing it.

Feeling Good, It is very simple, food done right. We have been all about bringing you the tastiest, freshest, and healthiest foods around your community. However, our commitment to this continues, it comes back to one thing: The Infused Chicken.